Appraisal support

We will develop a ‘light-touch’ regular performance review process, tailored for your business, which will help you effectively review and develop staff performance.

The focus of the appraisal is on the employee, supporting them to identify areas of improvement within their role and agreeing meaningful, measurable objectives, which are aligned to your business goals.

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appraisals overview

  • create the structure and documentation tailored to your business
  • work alongside your managers to conduct the initial meetings and provide feedback
  • work with your managers to develop their appraisal, feedback and objective setting skills
  • we recommend reviews are conducted on a quarterly basis

how will you benefit

  • staff and their managers look forward to and welcome the appraisal meetings
  • staff are engaged with leading the discussion and take greater ownership in what was discussed and agreed
  • individual objectives tie into your business strategy and plan
  • time taken to complete paperwork is significantly reduced
  • frequent meetings ensure objectives are kept relevant and up-to-date

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