Difficult conversations

Having difficult conversations within the workplace can sometimes make the working environment feel challenging. Being able to deal with difficult conversations effectively is an essential business skill for all and is invaluable in maintaining good relationships and retaining customers.

Difficult conversations make us feel uncomfortable as we worry the other person will react defensively and we will damage the relationship; so, the tendency is to avoid the situation. Knowing how to handle these types of conversations can stop issues from escalating and prevent a relationship breakdown.

This highly interactive, informative, and practical session will give delegates the key skills, strategies, and techniques to take control of these conversations, whilst ensuring issues are handled appropriately, confidently, and consistently.

Delegates will learn how to prepare for a difficult conversation, get the conversation off to the best possible start with confidence, as well as keep any emotions in check.

Course overview

Date: tbc
Price: £165 per person + vat
Duration: full-day workshop 09.30 – 16.00
Location: our training venue in Romsey, Hampshire
Who will benefit: this workshop has been designed for anyone who needs to improve their verbal communication skills and ability to deliver difficult messages.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Know how to handle your own emotions during a difficult conversation, building your resilience
  • Understand when you should get involved and the best approach to adopt
  • Control these conversations to minimise the impact both on relationships and the working environment
  • Nurture positive working relationships for a more harmonious working environment, less absenteeism, less sickness, improved colleague wellbeing, and increased productivity
  • Increase self-awareness by recognising your default behaviour when dealing with difficult conversations
  • Practice in a ‘safe’ environment bringing learning onto the experiential level, cementing long-term behaviour change
  • Build confidence in fully engaging with these types of conversations

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