Outplacement support

We offer an outplacement support service to individuals and teams who are leaving their organisation; supporting them in identifying opportunities and achieving a positive transition.

Our outplacement programmes are tailored to fit the needs of your business and the individuals involved.

The programme typically includes a personal profile analysis (PPA), a career assessment, an analysis of personal ambitions and career options.

The outplacement support programme also includes:

  • development of personal promotional materials, ie CV, covering letters, social media profiles etc
  • making the most of interviews and presentations including mock interview practice
  • understanding routes to market – focusing on the unadvertised market
  • guidance on completing psychometrics
  • headhunters, recruiters, agencies – help with who to approach and how to do it effectively
  • direct approaches – how to approach organisations or individuals and secure meetings

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outplacement support overview

  • outplacement support typically runs over 3-4 individual sessions
  • suitable for anyone at any level, in any industry, with any background
  • helps the individual accept the situation and move forward positively

how will you benefit

  • often offered as an additional benefit (for example, over and above redundancy) to an individual to smooth their transition out of the business
  • reduces the risk of Employment Tribunal claims
  • shows the employer to be caring and supportive

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