employment tribunal support

We understand the pain and effort of responding to an Employment Tribunal claim and will work with you to minimise the impact on you and your business.

This can often be an extremely stressful time for you as an individual. We will guide and support you throughout to give you the confidence and reassurance to handle the process, both commercially and objectively.

We will support you with the paperwork and negotiations at ACAS Early Conciliation as well as producing Employment Tribunal responses and bundles. With decades of combined industry experience, our fully qualified consultants will guide you through the ACAS and tribunal system.

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employment tribunal support

  • interaction with the ACAS Conciliator to negotiate a settlement or proceed to Employment Tribunal
  • we will work with you on your response to an employee’s tribunal claim
  • introduce you to a recommended legal advisor/barrister for representation at Employment Tribunal
  • produce a chronology of events and documentation to exchange with employee representatives
  • with you, produce the bundle of documents to be used at Tribunal including cross-referencing and redacting of materials

how will you benefit

  • reduce the involvement of expensive employment lawyers in preparing the case and collating the paperwork
  • reduce the impact on you and the business throughout this disruptive and time-consuming period
  • keep lines of communication open with the claimant so there is always the potential to settle the claim outside of the Tribunal

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