time management

This programme is designed for staff at all levels within the organisation who want to gain control of time and effectively prioritise their workload.

Planning, organising, implementing and monitoring are essential elements of this programme, along with the need to delegate effectively.


by the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • have an awareness of their natural style and the impact this has on time management
  • systematically review their use of time
  • prioritise their workload
  • make better use of time through effective delegation
  • look at steps to manage interruptions and negotiate workloads and time frames

course overview

date: Tuesday, 17 March 2020
price: £165 per person + vat
duration: full day workshop 09.30-16.00
location: our training venue in Romsey, Hampshire
who will benefit: anyone wanting to manage their time better and release at least an extra hour in the day

outline programme

what is time management?

  • time as a resource
  • the need for time management

individual analysis of time management

  • recognising the time wasters
  • recognising your natural time management style and the impact this has

using techniques for establishing priorities

  • urgent and important tasks
  • prioritising techniques

planning and organising your time

  • scheduling and diary management to suit your own style of working
  • task lists and action plans

delegation and how to delegate effectively

  • recognising why people do not delegate
  • the advantages of delegation and how to use it effectively

managing interruptions and negotiating workloads

  • taking steps to prevent interruptions and shorten those that do occur
  • negotiating the amount of work we are able to take on and establishing realistic time frames

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