Pay and benefits

We will review, analyse and benchmark your current pay and benefits package. Our report will include typical pay bandings, industry norms for pay and benefits, flag anomalies (ie gender pay gaps).

Once this report has been completed and reviewed, we will then set out recommendations for what needs to change and how that can be introduced.

pay & benefits overview

  • a review of your complete pay and benefits package
  • advice on the consistent application of current pay and benefits
  • typically, a project takes 4 days but the timeframe is dependent on the size and complexity of your pay and benefit packages
  • this service is offered for all levels/pay grades within your business

how will you benefit

  • greater transparency for all employees of your pay and benefits strategy
  • reduced staff turnover and better retention
  • more targeted offering – pleasing more people, most of the time
  • attracting the best candidates
  • making the best use of your resources (ie spending your money wisely)

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