Handling grievance investigations and meetings

At emphasis we have the experience and knowledge to manage the most contentious grievance investigations and meetings.

Grievances are one of the most difficult internal HR processes a company can face. By the time an employee raises a grievance emotions are running high. It is therefore incredibly important to maintain a level of impartiality and objectivity when investigating and hearing a grievance.

Facing a grievance you don't know how to

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grievance overview

  • emphasis will investigate sensitively and thoroughly
  • the process is constructive, giving all parties the opportunity to put their views across, give their evidence, and be heard
  • we will provide comprehensive reports with outcomes and recommendations

how will you benefit

  • internal resources may not be in a position to conduct an impartial grievance investigation
  • minimising the involvement of internal resources in a time-consuming and often emotional process
  • independent, highly experienced professionals able to deal with board-level disputes and conflict
  • knowledge that the process is compliant with the ACAS Code of Practice

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