Does your business structure need an overhaul? Over time businesses can become unfit for purpose; we will help you streamline your business to achieve better results.

Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to identify areas of your business, which need restructuring and work alongside you throughout the process, minimising the risk of Employment Tribunal claims.

We have a range of options from a comprehensive all-encompassing on-site presence which includes: presentations, selection criteria, individual and group consultation meetings etc, to providing remote support: guidance notes, redundancy calculations and letters.

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restructuring overview

  • we will discuss the overall strategy for your restructure to achieve the best results for your business
  • outline a timetable for the restructuring process
  • handle the election of employee representatives if required
  • support you throughout the process and help deal with any challenges
  • deal with any appeals as appropriate

how will you benefit

  • we will follow a fair and legally compliant process
  • we provide an independent and objective perspective to any decisions
  • we free up your managers to continue business as usual whilst we handle the process
  • we have the experience and know-how to deal with the contentious challenges and disputes

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