In a busy world trying to find the time to manage a recruitment campaign properly is a major challenge. We have a proven track record in delivering the right people for the right roles.

Many line managers do not have the training or knowledge to undertake the selection process in a robust and objective manner. With a candidate shortage, it is even more important to have a clear process and very rapid response time.

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recruitment overview

  • create a pack of information to support and advertise the vacancy
  • sift all applications and respond to candidates
  • arrange and conduct first interviews via Skype or telephone
  • provide comprehensive interview notes and recommendations
  • psychometric testing using Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)
  • arrange and conduct second interviews as required
  • a typical recruitment cycle is completed within 28 days
  • we can recruit for any industry and any role

how will you benefit

  • providing a process which is efficient, smooth and professional to candidates
  • our speed of response means we quickly engage with the best candidates which increases your chances of success
  • a thorough interview process securing the right candidate for the role as well as establishing cultural and team fit
  • your internal resources are only involved in the final selection stage
  • save the pain and cost of recruiting the wrong person

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