Settlement agreements

Even with the best of intentions there can come a point where an employee’s contribution has diminished to the point where their continued employment is a constant challenge to the business.

A “without prejudice” or protected conversation, combined with a legal document called a Settlement Agreement can be a dignified way to terminate employment without risk of an Employment Tribunal claim.

A settlement agreement sets out a legal arrangement so both parties can agree a resolution and bring the employment contract to an end.

Settlement agreement overview

  • Review the case to assess the risk of a discrimination claim
  • Identify the dispute and conduct the “without prejudice” meeting or protected conversation
  • Draft the settlement agreement including calculations
  • Negotiate a settlement with the employee’s legal representative

How will you benefit

  • A quick resolution by an independent HR Consultant to an on-going, potentially emotionally draining situation
  • We deal directly with the employee; there is no requirement for management to be involved in the meeting
  • The employee leaves the business immediately to consider the settlement and all correspondence is dealt with by us

Could a settlement agreement be the most appropriate solution?

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