workplace mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process. One of our qualified mediators, as an impartial third party, will help those involved in the dispute, explore and understand their differences.

The workplace mediation process helps parties move from an entrenched position to a point where they are prepared to explore a variety of different options, with the aim to come to a mutually acceptable agreement in settling their differences. The process takes a whole day.

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workplace mediation overview

  • mediation looks at breakdown in the communication, lack of trust, ownership and accountability
  • the mediation process starts and finishes within a day
  • the process is suitable for employees who are willing to seek a resolution to their workplace conflict

how will you benefit

  • reduction in management time sorting out internal disputes
  • avoidance of formal grievance process
  • less impact on other team members
  • all parties feel they have been part of finding a resolution
  • reduced time away from the workplace due to stress-related absence

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