Interview skills workshop

You know you’ve got a great business. You want to take it to the next level in terms of growth and profitability. To do this you need to recruit the right people, into the right seats.

So much of our thinking is based on perception or bias; we believe what we see all the lines below are the same length but our perception is telling us otherwise

People sometimes do this when they are interviewing people; they see what they want to see and don’t explore what’s underneath

Our interview skills workshop helps you see past what you initially see and uncover the true skills and attributes of the individual

Course overview:

Date: tbc
Price: £165 per person + vat
Duration: full day workshop, 09.30 – 16.00
Location: our training venue in Romsey, Hampshire
Who will benefit: otherwise experienced directors, managers and HR professionals who are a little uncomfortable about interviewing, or want to learn the latest tips and techniques.

By the end you will

  • Define the role to get what you really need
  • Screen on core values, skills and experience for “right fit”
  • Understand and structure a competency based interview
  • Engage questioning/probing techniques to reveal more of what you want to know
  • Obtain real evidence of past performance to predict future behaviour
  • Decline and reject candidates without risk
  • Understand and avoid the legal pitfalls
  • Follow up references and induction

Do you need help with interview skills?

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